Lucid Nap Productions is a team of two, consisting of owner, and creative director Napoléon Doom (in the yellow) & the adorable Scratch (he’s the guy with the horns).

Basically, Napoléon creates original art, animations, writes scripts for comic books, audiodramas and animated shorts, casts voice actors, coordinates podcast interviews, edits and handles all the hard stuff, while Scratch keeps them believing that they can (and provides the voice of Old Scratch in The U Mind and Creeping Wave Radio.)

It all started with Lost Bread Comics, a surreal, graphic novel series based on Napoléon’s lucid dreams.

The story quickly expanded from there into the audiodrama, Creeping Wave Radio, the story of Napoléon’s accidental flirtations with cryptids and creatures of the supernatural world.

From there, The U Mind was born, the companion piece to Creeping Wave Radio! It’s part interview style podcast, part performance art, and (as of this season), part animation. We interview both the super and supernatural people who inspire us.

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