I’ve drastically reduced my diet of all delicacies Social Media since March of last year. My God, what a difference! It’s such a glorious blessing to actually experience the world around you! What ecstasy to feel your long dormant humanity awaken in a veritable explosion of forgotten memories and emotions!Continue Reading

I stage-managed a production of “The Matchmaker” in high school, and was struck by the truth of a line uttered by the character Horace Vandergelder. It was something to the effect of “Art is something no one needs any of the time.” I paid an undue amount of attention toContinue Reading

It’s been roughly two years since my last blog post, I hope you’ll forgive my negligence. You see I’m quite happy to while away the hours alone, with my work. I can commit myself to my writing (not blogs obviously) or painting for days on end. I fritter the timeContinue Reading