I Love My Readers!

In case you didn’t know, the paperback version of “Lost Bread” has just gone on the market. I sign each one myself, and customers can order a personal dedication written just for them, no extra charge! This one below has to be the most creative request I’ve received to date!

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 3.28.20 PM

Those of you who know me in real life may be aware I have a slight infatuation with Harley. As far as I know, I’ve never met the person who placed this order, but with the impending release of Suicide Squad, Harley has been getting a lot (overdue) attention.

A lesser writer might have scoffed at such a request, rebuking it with a cry of “but I am AN ARTIST!” However, I love my readers and I love challenge!


Some of you may not know that I am not only a comic book creator, but also a prop maker and makeup artist as well, with a heavy focus on special effects work. Trust me, making myself passably “cute” requires some heavy special effects.

Wigs, grease paint, ample padding… okay, were in business! Shout out to John Blake Wigs and Ben Nye make-up! I don’t work for them, just swear by their stuff!

harkey arkham

I even set up a little Arkham Asylum backdrop… complete with bats! (Thank you Micheal’s Craft Stores!)


I hope my Grimerica shirt bounces back from having been stretched out like this. Honestly, I felt like I had padded the bustline a lot heavier than I did, but in the picture it looks pretty minimal. And while were talking about Grimerica, you should know that one dollar of every sale goes to support the podcast!

Harley Smirk

So, to the fan who made this request… you’re welcome! To the rest of you, sorry for the nightmares this may induce!

harkey scary

Do you have a request for a custom signature? (Lets keep it family friendly and non-permanent please. For instance, I’m not tattooing your name on my rump. If you read my comic, you’ll know that real estate belongs to Grimerica anyway.) Since you’re already here, why not buy a comic from my shop and leave me some special instructions in the order form? I’ll make it easy for you, click this link: http://www.lostbreadcomic.com/product-category/books/

Both books and artwork are available!


And just in case you were worried, I turned right back into the same dork you know and love (or at least tolerate) except with way greasier hair from all the makeup remover I had to use!

What’s your request? Order a comic and make me your book bitch, I dare ya!




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