Lost Bread Comics

Our flagship piece!

Lost Bread is a graphic novel series based on writer and artist Napoléon Doom’s lucid dreams.

It’s a wild, surreal adventure that you can dive into when you buy our books!

The U Mind Podcast

Skits, improv, and interviews with our favourite super and supernatural beings! This season, we’ve started to incorporate animated motion comics to add to the fun!

Watch our videos here!

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Creeping Wave Radio audiodrama

The inevitable result of The U Mind Podcast’s prodding into the supernatural.

Creeping Wave Radio is a seasonal, 9 episode audiodrama, running from Halloween night to Christmas Day. The plot delves into the consequences of Napoléon Doom’s flirtations with the paranormal, and their accidental self discovery that they might not be all that “normal” themselves.

Listen to the story unfold right here, right now!

Art Prints

Steal a piece of the dreamscape for yourself with our art prints