Breast Cancer Art Drive

My mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer this year. She was the first person to ever believe my silly doodles and wild stories were worth anything. She’s also been my stalwart champion, urging me along through even my most hopeless moments.

She is lucky enough to be in a position where she does not require financial assistance to go forward with her treatment, but so many people aren’t. This is why we’ve decided to donate all proceeds from the art in this category to the Shades of Pink Foundation of California.

The Shades of Pink Foundation’s mission is to provide women and families in need with temporary financial assistance, while receiving medical treatment for breast cancer.

We live in San Diego, and everyday, we see how the high cost of living impacts people who call our community home. Please help us support patients and their families who are going on this journey with us.

I hope to add more pieces to this collection as her healing process evolves.

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