Gaze Through Time

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Her eyes once, just for a moment, pierced through time itself.


A young girl looks on right in the moment that the veil between the past and present momentarily falls away. Will she have gazed into this future, only to helplessly watch it come to pass around he, or can it be changed? Ponder on the fragile nature of time with this high quality 10X10 print!

This background is based on the Sky Room Lounge at The El Cortez hotel in San Diego. Established in 1927, The El Cortez was once the highest building in the city, and the Sky Room offered spectacular views of the city. It was the original home of San Diego Comic-Con, and a beloved landmark. Despite this, the hotel eventually fell into disrepair and was abandoned by all except the pigeons and crows who roosted in its decaying rafters. Through the efforts of concerned citizens, The El Cortez has now been refurbished and converted into apartment homes. This picture commemorates these citizens dedication to preserving our history.


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