Creeping Wave Radio Clip: Plaid is the Camouflage of the 90’s

A new season is in development! We’re taking our time and making some changes to create the show we’ve always envisioned! Join us on this journey!

We’re trying to get things ready for the new season, and ultimately, to pitch our beloved show as an animated series!

I’m taking classes to expand on my degree in multimedia marketing and design. I don’t want to be out there using Myspace moves on an Instagram dancefloor (or TikTok, whatever’s hot right now.)

Even though the animations will ultimately by done by a team, I want to make sure I can create a few, fluidly animated shorts to establish the style and feel I’m going for.

We want something to show potential sponsors and investors, because we’re going to need a lot of help to pull this off! If you think you might be one, please contact us!

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Check out our early experiments with animation on The U Mind podcast

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